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Updated 14 September 2021

Calendars are updated as soon as possible (probably later than above date)

Sessions and folk clubs are restarting, and I am updating the session calendar and the events calendar. Opportunities to meet in person are there again !

  Please keep me informed of any nearby sessions.

Please note : The "webmaster" only actually "runs" one of the sessions listed.  He runs this site as an information source,  He makes no private gain out of the site, in fact it costs him money.   He, and all the other musicians, play at sessions for the love of the music, and not for private gain.  There may be occasions when sessions are cancelled, or change venue, with little notice so the site is out-of-date.  Please make every effort to check the accuracy of the information before travelling long distances to reach sessions.  We are volunteers and do our best - we cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies.

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A traditional music session is a great way to enjoy some good music - and a cheap way to find out if you enjoy it. All the sessions shown in this section take place in pubs - there is no charge for admission, neither do the musicians get paid - although they may get some sandwiches or cheap beer !

For those who have been to or know of sessions in other places, I should tell you that most of these sessions get a real mix of traditional music and song (unless it says otherwise below).  English, Scottish, Irish, contemporary music, song, even a bit of music hall or rock-and-roll, can all be there depending upon who turns up.

Updating of this section of the web-site is still incomplete !


Every Monday : FORMERLY The Dragon Inn, 51 The Tything, Worcester WR1 1JT, UK  : Mainly but not exclusively Irish tunes.  This session went on-line via Zoom and is still running as such at the moment.


First Tuesday of the month : Rose and Crown, Feckenham B96 6HS.  Sessions resumed on Tuesday 7th September from 7.00pm - 10.00pm so we don’t upset the neighbours. It takes place outside in the covered area of the garden in which Mel (the landlady) has changed the seating from bench to individual seats. If it gets cold blankets are available from the pub, but come prepared.  If the weather is bad Mel has said we can play in the bar in which she will make more space for us 

Organiser : John Sullivan <>

WEDNESDAYSLocal session in progress

Every 4 weeks on a Wednesday : at the The Royal Oak, Kinnersley, Worcester WR8 9JR  : See calendar for dates. Mainly traditional tunes.  Organiser is Hamish West, with email address sessions(at)

Every Wednesday : The Prince of Wales, Ledbury HR8 1DL : All sorts of music.  Does not start until 9pm.  www.powledbury/page6.html   Contact : John Burton 01531 630159.

First and Third Thursdays of the month at Severn Sailing Club, Bredon's Norton, Bredon, Tewkesbury GL20 7HD.  Replaces the former session at the Anchor Inn in Eckington.  Large space plus an outdoor area to allow social distancing. All forms of music, informal, reasonably priced beers.
Alternate Thursdays  :  The Wyche Inn, Clarence Road, MALVERN WR14 3EQ.  Formerly at the Morgan.  Mainly Irish and Scottish.  Normally a good number of musicians, rarely any songs.


Every Friday : Three Kings Inn, 29 Church End, Hanley Castle, Worcester WR8 0BL.  LUNCHTIME SESSION : All types of acoustic music.  Runs from about Noon to 3pm.
Phone : 01684 592686

Friday on a monthly basis :  Folk At The Falcon :  Bringing the best acoustic music to the Falcon Mews in Bromyard,  Folk at the Falcon is a recently established folk and acoustic music evening which takes place in the atmospheric setting of the Falcon Mews. The Folk at the Falcon Team bring you a selection of excellent local and national artists on a Friday evening on a monthly basis. 

For more information, concert details and tickets, follow the link below.

FOLK AT THE FALCON – The home of quality folk, roots and acoustic music. – The best in acoustic music

I will need to check the information on concert venues, many are still not functioning



The Huntingdon Hall in Worcester is a former chapel, a listed building, which has been converted into a concert venue. With a modern box-office and bar attached, they serve up a wonderful range of folk concerts. CLICK HERE to visit their web site. Definitely recommended


FAITHFUL CITY MORRIS MEN : Morris Ring side, dances Cotswold + a little Border + rapper, practises on Wednesday nights at the Talbot, Knightwick.


KEMPSEY MORRIS MEN : The side merged with Faithful City Morris Men in late September 2000. Kempsey Morris dancing t
SILURIAN BORDER MORRIS MEN : Morris Ring side, dancing Border only, black faces and tatters.

THE ORIGINAL WELSH BORDER MORRIS MEN : This side dances, in traditional Border fashion, only once a year - on the Saturday before Christmas. The annual tour takes in White Ladies Aston, Pershore, Upton and Worcester. 

Old Meg North-West Morris dancersOLD MEG NORTH WEST MORRIS :: A "North-West" style side, with men and women dancing mainly traditional North-West morris dances in clogs. Currently meeting on Tuesdays at the Foley Institute near the Three Horseshoes pub in Poolbrook, Great Malvern. .

SOFT OPTION Appalachian Dancers
Click above for their web site !

FOXS Border Morris (Mixed side) dances mainly from the Border tradition. Meet every Thursday evening during term time at Cookley Sebright First School, Lea Lane, Cookley. New dancers and musicians always welcome.

APPLEYARD LADIES TRADITIONAL DANCERS practice in Upton-on-Severn. They perform a wide range of English dances traditionally performed by women for social or celebratory purposes. New dancers (beginners or experienced) and musicians (men or women) are welcomed. In the winter they practice on Thursdays in Croome Village Hall, Earl's Croome. Contact Diana Maiden on 01684 565204 or Peta Whitlock -on 01386 750596 
Website address is  and email is

CAST OFF APPALACHIAN STEP DANCE TEAM are based in Bromsgrove.  Contact by email

LEDBURY MORRIS - A border morris dancing side : New dancers and musicians welcome. Contact or 07870 362678

We meet at Holy Trinity Hall in Malvern (Worcestershire) on Thursday evenings from 8.00 pm.  If there are enough numbers, we run a beginners class starting at 7:15pm.  More information from the web-site

There are other dance groups - including Appalachian sides - in the area. Please contact me as above for further information !

For information on these great value "folk" holidays for all the family visit their web-site


This section used to include other details I have been asked to include. I know that there are clubs, sessions and dance sides in Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Redditch, and other places, but I have tried to keep the main contents of the page local in the interests of accuracy. I have deleted the information here as I suspect much of it was out-of-date.


Please do not use – this will not work. Please use mike@ [the same ending] – sorry I don't want to print it in full to avoid spam.

Blue type in the details above indicate a club, session or side which I attend at least occasionally - so details are likely to be more accurate - (alternatively this might give you some tips as to which sessions to avoid !)

Mike Walton - Worcester

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